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Family Dentistry in Manhattan & Brooklyn, NY

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    As a family, you want to ensure you enjoy the best health possible, including dental health. We also know how important it is to provide a complete range of dentistry treatments in one convenient location. Century Dental is a family-oriented practice and warmly welcomes all ages, and we love getting to know families. Every dental treatment we offer is carefully tailored to account for your age and oral health needs that change over time. Whether you need a simple dental checkup and cleaning or require more extensive restorative or cosmetic services, our family dentist is here to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile and great oral hygiene habits that last for life.

    What is a Family Dentist?

    A family dentist offers the same services as a general dentist but focuses on treating all ages. Instead of seeing multiple dentists for different family members, you can all visit the same dental office and know your dental needs will be properly cared for.

    Family Dentistry in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York

    What Does a Family Dentist Do?

    Our family dental clinic offers a complete range of dental care services so you can access almost every treatment you likely need, regardless of age or dental health, in one convenient location.

    Preventive Dentistry

    We firmly believe in preventive dentistry, including regular dental checkups, x-rays, and hygiene appointments to detect and treat dental problems early before they can create more significant issues that are complicated to fix and require more invasive and costlier dental procedures. Other preventive dental care services include dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

    As part of our preventive dental care services, we focus on patient education, knowing that when you understand your dental health, you can control and maintain it more easily. We particularly like working with young children, gently explaining the importance of good dental care and how to care for their teeth and gums as they grow up.

    Restorative Dentistry

    Restorative dentistry is another important service that aims to help your natural teeth last longer, preferably for life. Treatments include repairing damage to teeth due to injury or trauma or tooth decay using fillings, crowns, and root canal therapy.

    When a tooth is too badly damaged to be saved, we can remove it and also perform wisdom tooth extractions. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental bridges or with the latest dental implants. We provide a complete implant service, including bone grafting, dental implant placement, and restoration.

    Children’s Dentistry

    As a family dental practice, we treat children of all ages and can cater to their unique dental needs. When a child is young, their teeth and jaws are still growing and developing rapidly, and they are still learning how to eat and care for their teeth and gums. Our children’s dental exams and cleanings, and preventive dental care treatments are designed to ensure their teeth and gums can develop properly so they are more likely to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.

    Teens Dentistry

    As children grow up and enter their teenage years, they want to have the confidence of knowing their smile is attractive and healthy. Our top family dentist can help them achieve excellent dental health and, if needed, can discuss other treatments like orthodontics to straighten crooked teeth.

    Young Adults Dentistry

    At this age, many young adults find their wisdom teeth try to erupt, and can cause problems. We carefully monitor wisdom tooth development using digital dental x-rays and, if necessary, can recommend their removal before they can cause pain or discomfort. Adult orthodontics is increasingly popular, and young adults also frequently want to discuss cosmetic dental treatments that will help them look and feel their best so they can feel more confident in their personal and professional lives.

    Older Adults Dentistry

    As we age, teeth can begin to show signs of wear and tear. Tooth discoloration and decay or missing teeth can be a problem, and we have numerous restorative treatments that can help, including dental implants. Older adults are more likely to take medications that can affect oral health and may need additional dental care to counteract these effects and maintain a healthy mouth.

    Surprisingly, many older adults still have wisdom teeth, which can be hard to care for because they are right at the back of the mouth and more susceptible to cavities. Cosmetic dentistry is also popular for older adults who want to look and feel their best during their golden years.

    What Is the Reason for First Dental Visits?

    We love seeing children and recommend parents or caregivers schedule their first dental visit while they are still very young, preferably soon after a child gets their first tooth. Although this may seem early, it’s the perfect time to get a child accustomed to the new sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office and to begin introducing them to regular dental care.

    It’s far better to take this approach than wait until a dental problem arises when a child’s first dental visit could be when they are in discomfort. As a result, they could associate seeing a dentist with pain, potentially leading to lifelong dental fears and phobias.

    When we first see a young child, we treat them gently and aim to ensure their visit is as enjoyable as possible. It is a simple dental exam, so our family dentist can check their teeth and jaws are developing well and answer any questions parents or caregivers might have about dental care at home. Our dental team can demonstrate the proper techniques for cleaning a young child’s teeth, and as they get older, they can work with them directly so they learn how to clean their teeth properly.

    Why You Should Have a Family Dentist

    A good family dentist is just as important as your main healthcare provider. Regularly seeing them is the easiest way to maintain good dental health and avoid more significant dental problems. It also means that if you have a problem like a dental emergency, you have a dental office to contact immediately and someone you know and trust to take care of you and treat you quickly. You will already be familiar with the dental office and know it is somewhere you can visit easily and conveniently.

    Many people have dental fears and phobias, and it’s much easier to see the same dentist continuously and to build up a rapport that can help overcome these feelings. When we see our patients regularly, we can get to know them, and we take special care when treating anyone who feels nervous or anxious.

    We have taken steps to ensure our dental clinic is a welcoming, warm environment and work hard to create a bond with our patients based on mutual trust and respect. Every dental team member has been specifically chosen because they love seeing people, and everyone works hard to provide a more relaxed and comfortable dental experience.

    What Are the Benefits of Family Dentistry?

    The main benefit is enjoying a healthy smile year-round and knowing that you properly care for your oral health. Family dentistry helps protect not only your oral health but also your general health, as the two are intimately connected.

    Regularly seeing a family dentist ensures that you are less likely to need anything more than preventive dentistry. If you need other treatments like restorative dentistry, they will be quicker, easier to perform, and cheaper. In the longer term, your regular dental checkups and cleans will save you money and time and can lead to lower medical bills.

    Whether you have just moved to the area or need a new family dentist, we can help you find your new dental home here at Century Dental.

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