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What Everyone Should Know About Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are composed of small deposits of minerals and can occur secondary to a number of different conditions. Except for causing pain that may be quite severe, they usually don’t cause anypermanent damage to the kidneys. Most of the times they can be managed effectively by simply drinking plenty of water and using pain […]

Essential Vitamins for Skin and Eyes Better Health

Maintenance of the skin integrity, vision and eyes better health, an adequate immune system along with an important role in growth , development are some of the scientifically established functions of the vitamin A as discussed here. What are Essential Vitamins? The chemical substances required for the adequate functioning and better health of the human […]

Low Testosterone: Impacts on Men’s Health

Low Testosterone level at any stage of life can have a number of impacts on men’s health. Low testosterone level can cause a decrease in the muscles mass leaving the man thin and lean. It may also cause a loss of body hairs.  In addition a low testosterone may also cause a decrease in size of […]

Management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

The first line options available for the management of gastroesophageal reflux disease are lifestyle modifications. However usually they are not enough and the patient requires addition of some medications for the effective treatment of GERD. The medications currently used for the treatment of GERD include proton pump inhibitors, H2-recptors antagonist, antacids and Prokinetic drugs. Proton […]

Incontinence: Simple Lifestyle Changes or Medical Treatment can Ease Discomfort or Stop Urinary Incontinence.

Urinary incontinence, loss of bladder control, is common health problem usually related to the age. In most cases affects elderly people while women are more likely to suffer from incontinence than men. Urinary incontinence, urine leaking, happens when pelvic muscles are either too weak or too active. Therefore there are going to be different types […]

Preventive Medicine and Wellness: Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

What does it mean to live a healthy lifestyle? The answer is very simple. Healthy diet and consistent check ups with the primary care physicians are what keep us healthy. In today’s busy world healthy lifestyle is the goal all of us are trying to reach. However lack of time and busy schedules are major […]

Internal Medicine Clinic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

What is most important in a community medical facility is commitment to patient care, medical expertise, and an environment that fosters comfort and healing. Welcome to Internal Medicine Clinic of Williamsburg. We are a group of dedicated professional medical practitioners who believe in taking an alternative approach in seeing to the very best care and […]

Multi-Specialty Clinic in Downtown, Brooklyn

Located in the dynamic of Brooklyn, the Multi-Specialty clinic of Downtown Medical Services is a medical facility that is able to serve the care and treatment needs of a diverse community. Our mission is to deliver the utmost in patient care while providing quality medicine and friendly client service. In order to consistently meet our […]

A Quality Internal Medicine, Primary Care Physician is Worth the Wait

A common complaint among patients is the time they spend waiting to be seen by their doctor. Oftentimes a patient can wait as long as an hour after their appointment was scheduled to begin. In these cases, patients may become frustrated by the delay and opt to choose another doctor. While there are valid concerns […]