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Brooklyn Endocrinology | Top Endocrinologists in Brooklyn NY

Last updated: Feb 17, 2023

Endocrinology is the medical practice that deals with hormonal problems. Your hormones affect so many of your other body parts and how your body functions that it’s likely at some point, you may receive a referral from one of our primary care physicians to an endocrinologist in Brooklyn. It’s vital that your endocrinology doctor receives a complete picture of your health, how it relates to your symptoms, what your medical history entails and what other, sometimes seemingly unrelated, symptoms you may be experiencing.

Note: Our endocrinologists at Century Medical and Dental Center located in Downtown Brooklyn, Flatbush, Gravesend Fort Greene and Midtown Manhattan locations are accepting all major insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, HIP, Emblemhealth, GHI, MetroPlus, Fidelis. Our top rated doctors providing a full range of medical procedures and are among the best endocrinology specialists in the region.

Brooklyn Endocrinology | Top Endocrinologists in Brooklyn NY


Endocrinology is the field of medicine that specializes in hormone-related diseases and concerns. Whether you’re dealing with weight problems, a thyroid disorders or diabetes, your Brooklyn endocrinologist helps you find the best avenue to health by not only understanding the basis of internal medicine, but also specializing in how your body reacts to various levels of hormones.

Endocrinology refers to your hormones — including the imbalances that may occur and your affected tissues or glands. Hormones regulate many of the processes in your body that impact your everyday health, including:

  • Growth
  • Sensory perception
  • Metabolism
  • Movement
  • Reproduction

Endocrinology and Your Health

With more than 50 different hormones in the human body, hormone imbalances can cause significant health concerns. Your endocrinologist in Brooklyn works closely with a number of other specialists to help determine the source of your symptoms. At Century Medical and Dental, many medical specialties are available in one place. Possible glands affected by hormone imbalance include your:

  • Hypothalamus, the source of involuntary body functions such as breathing and heart rate
  • Pancreas, a gland that regulates insulin production
  • Ovaries that produce primary estrogen and progesterone in women
  • Testes that produce the androgens such as testosterone in men
  • Adrenal gland, the site of natural steroid production
  • Parathyroid gland, primarily responsible for regulating calcium and phosphates in your blood
  • Pituitary gland that regulates most other glands, as well as growth hormones, sexual development, thyroid function, adrenocortical function and skin pigmentation
  • Pineal gland, responsible for the production of melatonin and reproductive hormones
  • Thymus gland, the key to producing immune cells
  • Thyroid gland, which regulates blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism, food absorption and body temperature

Patient Experience

“I have been a patient at Century Medical and Dental for almost 10 years. I am absolutely pleased with the Doctors I have seen. Just the mere fact that the office is open 7 days a week, makes my life easier and less stressful. In a few cases, I was given an appointment the very same day......very accommodating! I am lucky to find an office that I feel that I am in good hands. And thank God that there is a huge parking lot.” - Maryann Filingeri

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Conditions and Diseases Under the Care of Your Endocrinologist

Trajko Bojadzievski, MD
Trajko Bojadzievski, MD



Myrtle, Downtown, Manhattan

Hormone imbalances can cause a multitude of diseases and conditions. If your primary physician believes that an underlying cause for your medical condition is hormone-related, he may refer you to a Brooklyn endocrinologist. Some of the conditions that may have a hormone component include:

  1. Adrenal gland disorders:
  • Cushing’s disease, which can lead to over-nervousness, increased blood pressure and excessive sweating
  • Addison’s disease, which can cause loss of energy, weight loss and some mineral deficiencies
  • Anemia or low iron in your blood
  1. Parathyroid gland abnormalities:
  • Brittle bones in adults or rickets in children
  • Stones in your urinary tract system
  • Involuntary muscle contractions
  • Poor absorption of Vitamin D
  1. Pituitary gland problems:
  • Gigantism or hyper-accelerated growth
  • Dwarfism or slow or stunted growth
  1. Thyroid issues:
  • Graves’ disease, which encompasses hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid that can result in being underweight
  • Hypothyroidism or an under-active thyroid that includes symptoms of weight gain, depression, fatigue and osteoporosis
  1. Pancreas concerns:
  • Too much insulin, leading to hypoglycemia
  • Too little insulin, a symptom of diabetes
  1. Thymus gland irregularities:
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Weakened immune system
  1. Menopause and the subsequent hormonal imbalances
  2. Metabolic disorders
  3. Some cancers
  4. Infertility or transgender and intersex medicine concerns
  5. High blood pressure and other lipid abnormalities that may occur as a result of heart disease

Endocrinology and Your Health

An endocrinologist’s job is to restore your hormone balance to correct any subsequent symptoms. This may include other organs in your body that are affected by or modify hormones. When issues involve other organ systems, such as the cardiovascular or reproductive system, your Brooklyn endocrinology doctor may work in tandem with other medical specialists.

Some endocrinology specialists specialize in diabetes care and prevention, the care of pregnant women, pediatric patient care, or diabetic surgery. If you need an endocrinologist with one of these specialties, be sure to ask.

What to Expect When Visiting Your Brooklyn Endocrinologist

To help find the proper diagnosis and treatment, when you visit your endocrinologist in Brooklyn, you need to be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • What are your current medications and the conditions they’re treating?
  • What is your medical history?
  • What other medical conditions do you have, such as allergies, that might have relevance?
  • What are your dietary and exercise habits?
  • Do you have a family history of hormonal problems?
  • What are your present symptoms, and what is their history or progression?

The endocrine system affects a substantial number of your organs and bodily processes. Your Brooklyn endocrinologist works to piece together the most accurate picture of your health and concerns before making a diagnosis.

A physical exam, blood and urine samples and other tests may be ordered. After careful analysis of the results, your endocrinologist suggests a treatment plan that focuses on returning hormone levels to normal. He then helps you understand each step of the process as you navigate your journey back to health.

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