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Downtown Medical Services: Urinary Tract Infections Prevention

Bacteria invading the kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urethra result in urinary tract infections. Frequent urinary tract infections may damage the kidneys; hence, it is essential to know about appropriate preventive measures against them. Individuals who have had such an infection in the past or those with earlier improperly treated urinary tract infections are at an […]

Hematuria: Common Causes of Blood in Urine

Hematuria is a medical term used to define presence of blood in the urine. Most of the time the source of blood in urine comes from is non-serious and benign; however it is always important to evaluate the exact cause as it can occur secondary to a number of serious disorders as well. Hematuria can […]

Types of Dietary Fibers and Their Health Promotional Effects

Fibers are important nutrients of plant origin that unlike other constituents of the food pass through our entire GI tract without being digested. Fibers are broadly divided into two categories, soluble and insoluble fibers and are well known for prevention and treatment of constipation, thus keeping an intact digestive system. They are also found to […]

What Causes Asthma? Facts You Never Knew

Asthma is a disease characterized by breathing difficulty in an episodic pattern. It is a long-term disease possibly lasting for the person’s entire life. The underlying mechanism responsible for the causation of asthma is inflammation of the airways. Normally airways make sure to carry air in and out of the lungs. In case of asthma […]

Graves Disease – Symptoms and Risk Factors

Graves disease is an auto-immune disease characterized by the overproduction of thyroid hormones. There are many other diseases involving thyroid gland as well as some rare conditions that don’t actually involve thyroid gland itself but still can cause excessive production of thyroid hormones however Graves disease is by far regarded as the most common cause […]

Influenza? Downtown Medical Center Informing about Risks

Influenza is viral infection involving respiratory tract. It is often referred to as flu however keep in mind that it is different from the stomach flu, that is an infection involving gastrointestinal tract manifesting in the form of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It is caused by influenza virus that is of three types, A, B […]

Low Testosterone: Impacts on Men’s Health

Low Testosterone level at any stage of life can have a number of impacts on men’s health. Low testosterone level can cause a decrease in the muscles mass leaving the man thin and lean. It may also cause a loss of body hairs.  In addition a low testosterone may also cause a decrease in size of […]

A Quality Internal Medicine, Primary Care Physician is Worth the Wait

A common complaint among patients is the time they spend waiting to be seen by their doctor. Oftentimes a patient can wait as long as an hour after their appointment was scheduled to begin. In these cases, patients may become frustrated by the delay and opt to choose another doctor. While there are valid concerns […]