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Agnes Sides, PA – Brooklyn Immunology Doctor, Asthma, Allergy Specialist

Agnes Sides, PA | Immunology And Allergy

Agnes Sides, PA
Locations in Brooklyn

Agnes Sides, PA

Board Certified in Allergy and Immunology

Physician Assistant
Center for Asthma, Allergy /Prohealth

  • Complete history and physical exam
  • Prescribe and interpret blood work for o various immunological, respiratory and allergic diseases
  • Formulate appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Manage all age groups
  • Administer, monitor and control diagnostic test parameters o cuticle tests such as skin prick test, intradermal testing, pulmonary function tests, immunotherapy and various immunizations
  • Works great under pressure providing treatment for patients with life threatening emergencies
  • Monitoring and controlling the work activities of nurses, medical assistants, technical assistants
  • Assistanting the physician with complex diagnostic procedures
  • Works autonomously
  • Taking inventory of available stock of medicines, tools and equipments and monitoring order status of material
  • Great with follow up and continued patient care
  • Consulting with attending physician in addition to maintaining continuous care of patients on floor

Physician Assistant
Maimonides Medical Center

  • Handled extensive workload in telemetry unit
  • Was responsible for all new admissions from ER, completing full H&Ps as well as formulating diagnostic and treatment plan
  • Consulting with attending physician in addition to maintaining continuous care of patients on floor
  • Working as a unit to provide appropriate care
  • Conduct and interpret various diagnostics, therapeutic procedures such as EKGs, blood work, immunization

  • Bachelors In Physician Assistant Studies
  • Touro College