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How Often Should A Man Ejaculate: Health Benefits Of Ejaculation

Last updated: Dec 18, 2022 Post in Urology in Brooklyn by Century Medical & Dental Clinic.

If you are not sure whether to ejaculate more or less or what are the benefits of ejaculation for your body, schedule an appointment with a urologist to learn how often you should ejaculate. The experienced and board-certified urologists at the Century Medical and Dental Center can help you pay close attention to how you feel in the hours and days after you ejaculate, adjust how you see fit, and do what feels more natural. There is no standard to how much you should ejaculate or any side effects to it, which means you can enjoy its pleasures and benefits on the body and heart without worrying about sperm count and erectile dysfunction.

Ejaculation is often related to getting an orgasm, but there are times when men get to orgasm yet fail to ejaculate. How often should a man ejaculate is a commonly asked question, but there is no specific answer to it. Health experts explain ejaculation has several health benefits, and there is no frequency with which a man should ejaculate. Also, there is no solid evidence to prove that failure to ejaculate more often can result in health issues. Learning about the positive effects of ejaculation can boost your levels of happiness and contentment and enhance your quality of life.

Is There Any Reason to Control Your Ejaculation Frequency?

It is a commonly asked question if there is any reason to control your ejaculation frequency or how much you should ejaculate. You may think that maybe you do not have enough sex, have too much sex, or masturbate a lot and how it could impact your sexual and overall health.

There are no normal times or the number of times you should ejaculate, and there is no reason to control your ejaculations. Ejaculating more frequently has more health benefits. The average number of times you ejaculate varies with your age, relationship, status, and health. Research reveals that ejaculation is frequent among men aged 25-29. It decreases slightly when they get to 30, and it keeps dropping as they grow older.

Is Semen Retention Healthy?

Semen retention occurs when a man avoids ejaculating for some time. You may achieve semen retention by abstaining from sex and masturbation, stopping sex before the point of ejaculation, or training your body to achieve orgasm without ejaculating.

When you retain semen, the body breaks it down then reabsorbs it into the body. It is commonly believed that semen retention boosts the man’s physical, emotional and spiritual energy. But there is no medical evidence to prove whether semen retention is healthy or unhealthy.

Some complications resulting from semen retention include:

  • Epididymal hypertension – This occurs when a man is aroused but fails to reach an orgasm. When it happens for a while, you might feel pain in the testicles due to blood build upon the testicles during arousal.
  • Ejaculation issues – If you intentionally avoid ejaculating for a while, you might develop ejaculation issues. These issues make it hard for you to ejaculate when you want to, or you might have premature ejaculation, resulting in sexual problems.

Ejaculating Once a Day – Is It Right or Wrong?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to ejaculating, as there is not too much or less about ejaculation. Nothing goes wrong if you ejaculate once a day or even more as long as you are not a sex addict or have chronic masturbation habit.

It is essential to know that ejaculating daily does your body better than harm.

Ejaculating daily can help in:

  • Releasing stress
  • Boosting mood
  • Release of old semen to produce new semen

When you release sperms, the body discharges dopamine and oxytocin hormones. Dopamine is released when you experience pleasure, and it boosts your moods. Oxytocin is a hormone that reduces levels of stress.

Can You Die from over Ejaculating?

According to health experts, there is no such thing as over ejaculating. You cannot die because of ejaculating too much, and your body will never run out of sperms. The body releases millions of sperms and ejaculating once, or even more will not affect your sperm. If you have a standard sperm count, there is no harm in ejaculating every day.

Problems can result from having too much sex or masturbating excessively, such as friction burns. Using lubricants is the right choice in this case.

Health Benefits of Ejaculation

Ejaculation is not only a source of pleasure, but it is beneficial for health too. There is no standard number of times you should ejaculate.

Here are some health benefits of ejaculation and how it helps your body and mind.

Ejaculation Keeps the Body Health

Ejaculation is the result of sex, and sex is a form of physical exercise. The body becomes active during sex which keeps it healthy. Also, ejaculation releases oxytocin which helps to control your stress levels. Stress is not good for the body and can lead to depression. Regular ejaculation keeps your stress levels stay under control.

Ejaculation relaxes the body, which ensures you have quality sleep. Proper sleep keeps you tension-free, which in turn keeps the body healthy and fresh.

Ejaculation Keeps the Heart Active

Sex and ejaculation are a vital part of your life and keep your heart active. During ejaculation, the heart rate increases, and the lungs beat faster, which increases the blood flow in the vessels. Improved blood flow can help maintain stable blood pressure and thus, prevent the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Studies have revealed that men who have sex at least thrice a week have a lower chance of getting heart disease as compared to men who abstain or have sex only once a week.

Ejaculation Helps to Prevent Cancer

Healthcare experts have come up with proof that ejaculation decreases the chances of prostate cancer. Studies have shown that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month, whether through sex or masturbation, have a 31% lower risk of getting prostate cancer. This study was based on the data collected from men who answered questions regarding the frequency of ejaculation.

Ejaculation Can Add Years to Your Life

The benefits of ejaculation are extensive and healthier ejaculations have been deemed necessary for a chance at optimal health. A study has revealed that having regular sex can reduce the risk of death by almost 50%. While it does not mean that ejaculation leads to immortality, it can add up to 4 years to a man’s lifespan.

The leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men is the poor flow of blood to the penis. It results from atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries that leads to a buildup of micro plaque, preventing necessary blood flow for lasting erections. Men who experience atherosclerosis turn to ED pills such as Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, which can temporarily help the issue, but these medications may have deadly side effects, including cardiovascular diseases.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments – Do They Really Work?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep an erection during sex. There are various treatments for erectile dysfunction, and they can help you enjoy sex successfully.

You can take care of your sexual health by focusing on the following:

  • Taking care of your heart
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Regular workout
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Cutting down alcohol intake

Some medications can also help you maintain an erection and an active sex life. Consult a urologist at the Century Medical and Dental Center if you are going through erectile dysfunction to learn about lifestyle changes and effective treatment options.

There is no specified number of times a man needs to ejaculate to be healthy. There are no negative effects of frequent ejaculation on sperm health or count. If you cannot ejaculate or suffer from erectile dysfunction, consult an experienced and board-certified urologist to learn about possible causes and solutions. The specialist can figure out the sexual problems you are having and address any male-specific conditions you may be suffering from to ensure you enjoy healthy and normal sex life.

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