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About Our Clinic

What is most important in a community medical facility is a commitment to patient care, medical expertise, and an environment that fosters comfort and healing. Welcome to the Century Medical & Dental Center. We are a group of dedicated professional practitioners who believe in taking an alternative approach in seeing to the very best care and treatment for all of our patients.

Multi-Specialty ClinicInternal Medicine Clinic

Our facility is established to meet the needs of a diverse and dynamic community population. Our services span a wide range of medical specialties: Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic with a specific focus on delivering swift accurate care to meet the needs of those in our eclectic community.

Many of the services we provide are in line with the most requested treatments and testing of those we serve. Services such as Immunizations, allergy testing, flu and travel vaccinations (refer to the full list of procedures and services) are able to be provided in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn by our highly-qualified and courteous staff of physicians and supporting staff. Other services such as STD/STI testing and treatment are available in the comfortable, safe, and professional environment of our office.

Patients who seek physical therapy and chiropractic needs will find security in the level of expertise our staff embodies as well as the latest in equipment we use.

All the Care You Need in One Place

We strive to deliver a form of medical care that is uncommon among our competitors. Instead of shuffling patients in and out of our offices, we stand committed to administering a high level of patient care – a commitment that starts with thoroughly examining and communicating with our patients to see that no diagnostic stone is left unturned. Our best internal medicine doctors are the leading edge of treatment and we use the most successful and current means of achieving wellness for all of our patients.

One visit to our facility will reveal the dedication we believe in. Our facilities are clean and comfortable and neatly designed to promote a relaxing atmosphere for all of our guests. Whether you are visiting our office to update your immunizations for an upcoming venture abroad, seeking to monitor and evaluate diabetes treatment, or for regular PAP screenings and other gynecological check-ups, you will find that our expert physicians and friendly staff will provide you with the services you need in a warm and inviting style.

Make an appointment today and see why we are the most advanced clinic in the region. Your health is our goal and your comfort is our pleasure.

Our state-of-the-art, Century Medical & Dental Center is located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn at 111 North 7th Street Brooklyn, NY. Our unparalleled executive healthcare facility includes a fully equipped rehabilitation facility, as well as 10 rooms to serve doctors working at our facility, true specialists in:

Internal Medicine (Primary Care, Family Doctor)
Physical Therapy

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