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Is Inside Your Nose So Dry & Crusty that it’s Bleeding & Has Scabs in Salt Lake City, UT?

Last updated: Dec 18, 2022 Post in Otolaryngology In Brooklyn by Century Medical & Dental Clinic.

Dryness in the nose is an uncomfortable feeling that can turn painful if it is not treated right. Dryness in the nose and subsequent crust formation can be treated by home remedies, but they may not be able to control infections and breathing issues. If your dry nose accompanies symptoms such as pain, frequent nosebleeds, and signs of infection, you should seek medical attention as it could lead to complications. Schedule an appointment with experienced and board-certified otolaryngologist at the Century Medical and Dental Center to figure out what is causing extreme dryness in your nose and how to treat it right. The top ENT doctors NY evaluate and diagnose your nasal problems and recommend the best treatments for ailments and conditions that affect your life routine.

Allergies and colds have similar symptoms. They cause cough, sneezing, congestion, and other problems that often become very annoying. While some people dread the runny or watering nose accompanied by these symptoms, others end up with an excessively dry nose. In some cases, it becomes so dry that it gets uncomfortable. Fortunately, it can be treated at home with some effective remedies and a little care.

What Is a Dry Nose?

Dryness of the nose is a common complaint experienced by many people who live in adverse environmental conditions, drink less water, or use certain medications that leave their side effects. Our nose requires a certain level of humidity to work properly, and extremely hot or dry conditions can result in a dry nose.

Extremely hot, dry, low humidity weather and air conditioning can cause excessive nose dryness and the formation of scabs inside the nose. The medical term for a sensation of dryness within the nasal passages is rhinitis sicca. It often results from colds or allergies. This condition is usually harmless, but if left untreated, it can cause bothersome symptoms like itching, burning, and congestion that need medical care.

What Causes a Dry Nose?

People experience dry noses due to various reasons. Some common causes of the dry nose include:

  • Your nose can get dry if you blow it too often, whether due to allergies or colds
  • People who live in dry weather areas can experience dry noses often
  • Smoking tobacco or marijuana
  • Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Certain medical conditions like nutritional deficiencies, infection, and chronic atrophic rhinitis can increase the risk of chronic dry noses
  • A side effect of specific medications like antihistamines and decongestants

Other Symptoms That Occur with a Dry Nose

Many other symptoms may occur with a dry nose that makes the feeling even more irritating and sometimes painful. These symptoms vary depending on the underlying disease, disorder, or condition.

Nasal symptoms that occur with a dry nose include:

  • Bleeding
  • Change or alteration in smell
  • Nasal congestion
  • Redness, warmth, or swelling

Conditions that frequently affect the nose may also affect other body symptoms.
Dryness in the nose

When to See a Doctor for Your Nose Dryness?

There are various reasons for dryness in the nose. If you know what is causing dryness in your nose and know what provides relief, home remedies are the best as certain medications also cause this condition.

A persistently dry nose is rarely a sign of some serious medical condition but if your nose begins to bleed, becomes inflamed, and you lose your sense of smell, or there are signs of infection, consulting a doctor is the best option.

Medical conditions that result in dry nose include:

  • Sjogren’s syndrome – It is an immune disorder and affects glands that secrete fluids, such as tears and saliva. It causes the eyes and mouth to become dry, and it can impact the nose and other parts of the body.
  • Atrophic rhinitis – This condition shrinks the lining of the nasal passages, and it becomes thick. Dry crusts also form inside the nose. Complications can include a loss of smell, nosebleeds, and infections.

If your nose remains severely dry with scabs that make it difficult for you to breathe easily, seek medical attention.

Treating Dry Nose

At-home treatments for the dry nose are effective and can help to cure this condition effectively. Doctors also recommend trying home remedies to get rid of nasal dryness.

Some tried and tested treatments for dry nose include:

  • Petroleum jelly – Carefully applying a fine layer of petroleum jelly to the lining of the inside of the nose with the help of your finger can do wonders. It is the best way to keep your nose moisturized, and in small doses, the stomach can also handle the residue. Lip balms are also an effective way to keep the dryness away. But it is necessary to know that this method is not ideal for long-term usage, and you should not use too much petroleum jelly as it may lead to lung issues in rare instances.
  • Humidifier – Sleeping with a dry mist humidifier nearby or in the center of the bedroom is an effective way to seek relief from a dry nose. It is essential to keep the humidifier at a distance, as excessive moisture can lead to mold growth and cause damage to furniture and other items.
  • Nasal spray – Nasal sprays can dampen the nasal passage and help you breathe and feel better. They can be purchased from any pharmacy as they are an over-the-counter product. Not only the nasal spray provides moisture to the nose, but the saline also cleans out any dust, allergens, and congestion in the passage.
  • Damp wipes – Baby wipes are ideal for wiping along the lining of your nostrils to help prevent dryness and irritation. These wipes are designed for cleaning sensitive areas without causing over-drying or irritation. Even a facial tissue moistened with water using a spray bottle works wonders in such cases.
  • Steam or sauna – Steam is very effective in relieving dry noses, and it is often used as a home facial treatment. It is important to note that the effects of steam do not last for long, and you might be facing the same symptoms after a while.
  • Drinking water – Good hydration can help in doing away with dryness of the nose and other related conditions. Make sure that your body is hydrated from inside, and this is only possible when you drink a sufficient amount of water during the day. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and fresh juices, if you can. Tea and soup are good if you experience a dry nose during a cold.

Seeking Relief from Dry Nose, Nose Bleed and Sinus and Congestion

Dryness in the nose is not a serious matter or a sign of some underlying condition unless it begins to bleed or leads to congestion that results in breathing issues. It causes a feeling of discomfort and pain that results from cracking of the skin, which makes it very sensitive.

If you experience dryness in the nose for more than 10 days accompanied by signs of infection such as fever, discharge, blood noses that are difficult to control, and fatigue, contact your primary care doctor to get advice regarding your condition.

Home remedies work well for a dry and crusty nose and help you feel better. Seeking medical attention is necessary if your symptoms do not improve and you experience frequent nosebleeds or any infection. Consulting the top-rated otolaryngologists at the Century Medical and Dental Center can get you the best advice on what you are going through and what to do to seek relief. Expert doctors recommend the best treatments and at-home remedies to cure the ailments and disorders that may be causing this condition.

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