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Multi-Specialty Clinic

Century Medical and Dental Center is a medical facility that is able to serve the care and treatment needs of a diverse community. Our mission is to deliver the utmost in patient care while providing quality medicine and friendly client service. In order to consistently meet our mission goals, we have amassed a staff of 16 highly trained physicians and practitioners as well as state-of-the-art equipment and medical devices. Together we have established a medical services facility that recognizes the variety of care needs of the ever-changing community we serve.

Multi-Specialty ClinicCentury Medical and Dental Center

At Century Medical and Dental Center, we have chosen to serve the community in ways that are uncommon in our business. For us, the community is the center of our lives and every step we take in determining how best to provide care and treatment keeps that priority in mind. One way that we strive to meet the needs of those in our community is by employing staff members that are not only highly-qualified and capable practitioners, but we have also enabled patients to receive a well-rounded level of service from a wide range of medical disciplines. Patients can trust that our staff is up to the task of diagnosing chronic illnesses and providing the most complete treatment protocol to see that wellness is achieved.

Convenient Specialty Care

As a patient at Century Medical and Dental Center, your care should be convenient and thorough. We have physicians in our facility that are able to address a multitude of ailments so that you can receive an accurate diagnosis, the ability to have specialty exams and procedures performed, and an overall plan of action to provide the most effective treatment. The best part of our plan is that patients can expect the specialty care essential to effective treatment in one clean, comfortable, and professional location.

One Center For All Your Needs

Coupled with our decades of combined medical experience is our wealth of diagnostic and treatment equipment within our facility. Patients will not have to travel to another site in order to have tests administered and then have to worry about traveling back to have the exam results analyzed. You can imagine what a benefit it is to have the doctors and equipment in a single location and how the combination of the two will lead to an easier and more efficient process of seeing your case handled.

Where the patient is the number one concern

Our staff takes service seriously and we recognize that a comfortable patient is a patient that is more likely to be healed. It is with this belief in mind that we see to it that each of our patients is treated as people, not numbers. In fact, we take it a step further; each of our patients is like family.

Complex medical needs require the specialty care that we are dedicated to providing. Get to know the difference in the way we serve the community by making an appointment today and together we will meet your medical challenges with comfort, experience, and ease.

Our unparalleled executive healthcare facility includes a fully equipped rehabilitation facility, as well as 10 rooms to serve doctors working at our facility, true specialists.

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