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Painful Lump in Throat Comes & Goes when Swallowing or Constant in West Jordan, UT

Last updated: Dec 18, 2022 Post in Otolaryngology In Brooklyn by Century Medical & Dental Clinic.

If you are concerned about the lump in your throat and want to have it checked, schedule an appointment with an otolaryngologist at the Century Medical and Dental Center to have your condition determined by an expert. Otolaryngology is a medical specialty that deals with ears, nose, and throat (ENT), as well as related neck and head issues. The experienced and board-certified otolaryngologists evaluate and diagnose a wide range of disorders that affect your quality of life and come up with the best treatment to provide relief from discomfort. They work hard to figure out the cause of lumps or swallowing problems and ensure it is not a sign of any underlying disease like cancer.

Feeling a lump in your throat is a common phenomenon, and many people experience the annoying sensation at least once in their life. Also known as globus sensation, it is a feeling of having a bump, lump, or swelling at the back of the throat without having an actual lump.

What Is Globus Sensation?

Also called globus pharyngeus, globus sensation is the feeling of being unable to remove a lump from the back of your throat or the feeling that there is a pill stuck there. Unlike some other throat issues, there is no actual obstruction with the globus pharyngeus.

What sets this condition apart from other problems is its impact on swallowing. It is a sensation that comes and goes depending on what is causing it, and it often turns painful, which becomes annoying if it persists. Many people find relief from eating or drinking. Identifying and treating globus sensation is not always easy as there is a range of possible causes. They include stress and anxiety, which indicates physical examination may not be sufficient for diagnosing what is wrong.
Globus Sensation

Symptoms of Globus Sensation

Different people describe it differently. It may be felt as:

  • Tightness or pressure in your throat
  • Mucus that you are unable to clear
  • An area of discomfort in your throat
  • A feeling of something stuck or a lump in your throat

If you feel something is sticking in the throat but can eat and drink easily, it is probably not a serious problem. Lumps or swallowing problems occur when you are swallowing saliva, and they increase with stress and worry. Symptoms could also vary from day to day.

What Causes Globus Sensation?

Healthcare experts are not very sure about what actually causes this condition as people of any age and gender can suffer from this problem anytime during their lifetime. It could result from psychological and physical issues, and the symptoms seem very real.

There are many reasons why you are feeling a lump in your throat. They include:

  • Muscle tension
  • Loss of muscle coordination
  • Acid reflux
  • Postnasal drip
  • Emotional reactions

They result in muscle spasms that trigger feelings of an object caught in the throat.

Throat Muscle Tension

When they are not being used for talking or swallowing, throat muscles are relaxed. If they do not relax correctly, you will feel some kind of tension or stress. This tension feels like a lump or bump in the throat.

Loss of Muscle Coordination

The throat muscles relax and contract in a synchronized fashion, which helps perform various functions, including swallowing. You may experience muscle tightness if they stop working correctly. Even swallowing saliva can help you notice this movement. If the muscles are not well-coordinated, it will cause an abnormal sensation when you gulp. As food stimulates the muscles in the throat differently than saliva, swallowing food may be easier, and you will identify the feeling when it occurs.

Acid Reflux

In some cases, a feeling of muscle tension or swelling in the throat’s tissues can result when the stomach acid enters the esophagus. This condition is known as acid reflux. It makes you feel as if your throat has a lump or it is blocked.

Postnasal Drip

Excess mucus from the nose and sinuses during the cold or sinus infection can cause a buildup at the back of your throat. It results in a lump-like feeling due to increased sensitivity as it slides down your throat.

Emotional Reactions

Intense emotions may trigger globus sensation. Feelings of stress, grief, anxiety, and pride, along with severe fatigue, have been commonly linked to feelings of something stuck in the throat.

Throat and Neck Care

Globus sensation is not dangerous, and it does not cause any medical complications. In most cases, seeing a doctor is not necessary. But in certain conditions, it is confused or mistaken for other disorders that need medical attention.

If the lump in your throat does not subside in a few days or you begin to develop other symptoms, especially problems in swallowing, call your doctor to get your condition accurately diagnosed and treated. A lump, even a temporary one in your throat, is not a pleasant feeling, and it can affect your routine life and peace of mind.

Some other causes of globus sensation include:

  • Minor inflammation in the throat or at the back of the mouth
  • Psychological health issues such as stress or anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Abnormal upper esophageal sphincter function
  • Rare tumors
  • Thyroid disease
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Previously lodged objects

Here are the basics of these causes and how they can lead to painful lumps in the throat.

When to a See a Doctor for Globus Sensation?

Globus sensation usually disappears over time without requiring medical help, but you should see a doctor if the condition does not get any better and your symptoms turn intense and become painful.

You should seek immediate medical attention if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the throat or neck that does not go away
  • Weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Pain during swallowing
  • Choking when swallowing
  • Muscle weakness in the throat or elsewhere in the body
  • A mass that can be seen or felt in or around the neck or throat

Call the doctor immediately if your symptoms get worse, you are over the age of 50 and have a history of smoking and alcohol abuse, or the symptoms come on suddenly.

Visiting your primary care doctor can help identify the causes of the sensation. The doctor can also look for the underlying causes of the problem and may refer you to a specialist to prevent further episodes of globus sensation. People who recently had an object lodged in their throat must seek immediate medical care if they feel an obstruction in the airways as it could turn life-threatening. In such cases, a small portion of the object may still be present and cause complications if it is not removed.

The specialists at the Century Medical and Dental Center determine the causes behind the painful lump in your throat and make sure you find quick and lasting relief. They suggest treatment depending on what is causing the problem. For many people, having their symptoms explained can help manage their condition. The qualified otolaryngologists NY work closely with you, make sure you understand the root cause of the issues you are going through, and ensure you feel better soon.

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