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Neurology in Brooklyn

Left and Right Hemisphere of the Brain

A normal healthy brain is capable of lifelong learning and boundless creativity when used the right way. You can play to your strengths and continue broadening your mental horizons with practice and healthy habits. Consult an experienced and board-certified neurologist at the Century Medical and Dental Center NY to learn about the left and right […]

Signs and Symptoms of the 3 Different Grades of Concussion

A concussion is a serious condition that can affect the health and function of brain cells and requires proper treatment to prevent any lasting damage. Consult an experienced and board-certified neurologist at the Century Medical and Dental Center to learn about the signs and symptoms of concussion and how to take care of yourself during […]

What Do High Creatinine Levels Mean?

Do not ignore your high creatinine levels, as they may be a warning sign of one of several underlying health conditions that require prompt medical attention. Chest pain and acute kidney failure are dangerous conditions that require immediate care as they may affect kidney performance that leads to other complications. Your creatinine levels can return […]

How Can EMG and NCV Tests Help You?

Muscle weakness and numbness in arms, legs, and hands, or muscle cramps and paralytic symptoms should not be taken lightly, as they can restrict your activities and disturb routines. Visit the top neurologists in NY to have your condition accurately diagnosed with advanced testing methods such as EMG and NVC. The expert physicians at the […]

10 Foods That Improve Brain Health

Power up your ability to concentrate and enhance your chances of success in life and work by eating right. Eating a well-balanced diet that consists of brain-boosting foods can help to build and repair brain cells. With the right foods, you can reduce cellular stress and inflammation, which are connected to brain aging and neurodegenerative […]

Having a Stroke: Signs and Symptoms

Stroke is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the blood supply to the part of the brain gets suspended. Treatment must begin within a few hours of symptoms as it is a medical emergency in which patients require urgent care. Guided by an expert physician, you can identify the possible causes behind your headache, weakness, […]

6 Dietary Supplements That Can Improve Neuropathy

Do not let neuropathy affect your life and work. Symptoms such as weakness, numbness, and pain are not only irritating but also lead to other problems that keep you from living a full life. Schedule an appointment at the Century Medical and Dental Center to have your condition diagnosed and treated by the top neurologists […]

Myasthenia Gravis – Cause, Symptoms and Complications

Myasthenia gravis is an immune-mediated disorder characterized by muscle weakness. It can involve any group of muscles in the body and occurs due to disruption of the communication between nerves and muscle fibers. It is also known as Goldflam disease. How Myasthenia Gravis Is Caused? The voluntary muscles in our body help us perform different […]

Diabetes Mellitus And Long Term Complications Involving Nerves

What is Diabetes Mellitus? The Carbohydrates are broken down into simple, smaller sugar molecules in our digestive tract. The absorption of these compounds causes an elevation of the blood glucose levels.  The elevated blood glucose levels can be dangerous; this is why our body is gifted by nature with the mechanism to keep this from […]