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What Happens if You Accidentally Scratch off a Mole?

If you are concerned about the appearance of your mole or its altering shape and color, or any new growths on your skin, schedule an appointment with expert dermatologists at the Century Medical and Dental Center. The board-certified and experienced dermatology specialists address your concerns and provide the necessary treatment for all your skin conditions, […]

Why Is My Penis Getting Shorter?

If you are worried about a shrinking penis, a history of prostate cancer, unusual weight gain, and your inability to have a strong erection may be the factors you need to look into. When it comes to penis size, several factors can affect it or make it feel shorter. The top urologists at the Century […]

How Much Does it Cost to See a Dermatologist without Insurance?

Visiting a dermatologist becomes necessary if you notice significant changes in your skin. Moles, abnormal patches, and stubborn acne or breakout can be dangerous and cannot be treated at home or with over-the-counter medications, and you need immediate medical assistance. Even if you do not have insurance, you can find a dermatologist within your budget […]

How To Tell If Its Kidney Pain Or Back Pain

Pain in your back can result from problems affecting the muscles, bones, or nerves that restrict movement. Kidneys are also situated towards the back, underneath the ribcage, and sometimes it becomes hard to tell if the pain you are experiencing is coming from the back or kidney. If your back pain is persistent or you […]

How Often Should A Man Ejaculate: Health Benefits Of Ejaculation

If you are not sure whether to ejaculate more or less or what are the benefits of ejaculation for your body, schedule an appointment with a urologist to learn how often you should ejaculate. The experienced and board-certified urologists at the Century Medical and Dental Center can help you pay close attention to how you […]

Why are my Lips Always Chapped?

Persistently chapped, cracked, and bleeding lips not only turn painful but also affect your overall appearance and personality. There is no need to worry about this condition and suffer unnecessarily as an effective and timely solution can provide relief within no time. Consult a board-certified and experienced dermatologist at the Century Medical and Dental Center […]

When Should I See a Knee Doctor to Treat My Pain?

Any pain that does not respond to rest or disappears within a few days should be evaluated by a doctor. If you are suffering from intense pain, cannot bend your knee or walk and notice swelling and deformity or any other painful symptoms, it is time to consult a pain management doctor. The knee specialists […]

When Is an EGD Performed?

If you experience symptoms associated with the upper GI tract, or unexplained stomach pain and eating problems, EGD can diagnose your condition and find the root cause of your discomfort. Schedule an appointment with the experienced and board-certified gastroenterologists at the Century Medical and Dental Center to learn more about upper endoscopy and what conditions […]

What to Look for in a Home Blood Pressure Monitor

If your blood pressure has been creeping up over time or you are starting treatment for hypertension, having a blood pressure monitor at home is the wisest choice to keep track of your numbers. Choosing from hundreds of different models can be challenging, and sorting out can be a real challenge. Schedule an appointment with […]

What to Expect During an Endoscopy Procedure

If your doctor has told you that you need an upper endoscopy, also known as esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), learning what to expect before, after, and during the procedure can make it easy and help to achieve desired health results. The experienced and board-certified doctors at the Century Medical and Dental Center use this procedure to visualize […]