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The 4 Stages of Hypertension

An increase in sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet choices is rising hypertension. High blood pressure is not good for health, and it can result in various complications that may turn life-threaten

Reasons to Get a Glutathione Injection

If you are tired of taking the same old supplements and medications to manage your diabetes, arthritis, respiratory problems, blood circulation issues, and other skin and cell diseases, try glutathion

6 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today

If you want to stay healthy and eat right, including bananas in your diet may be the wisest choice as this super fruit contains several essential nutrients that keep your body fit and the mind active.

Signs of an Ear Piercing Infection & How to Treat an Infected Cartilage or Ear Bump in Draper, UT

If your recent ear or cartilage piercing is causing intolerable pain and you are not comfortable with the way it is going, get it checked by a doctor as it may be developing an infection. Ear piercing

Painful Lump in Throat Comes & Goes when Swallowing or Constant in West Jordan, UT

If you are concerned about the lump in your throat and want to have it checked, schedule an appointment with an otolaryngologist at the Century Medical and Dental Center to have your condition determi

Loss of Taste and Smell: How to Get Your Sense of Taste & Smell Back After a Sinus Infection

If you cannot taste or smell the food right or a pungent smell is not bothering you, it is an alarming situation that needs to be determined. Also known as anosmia, loss of smell is caused by cold, fl

Effective Ways To Treat a Dry Nose

Dryness inside the nasal passage or on the skin around the nose can be very irritating and difficult to manage. Resulting from cold or allergy symptoms or lack of humidity, it can even result in bleed

Are Sinus Infections Contagious?

Runny nose, headache, tenderness under the eye and around the nose, accompanied by cough and sore throat are signs of a sinus infection. Result of viral exposure, these symptoms can turn very annoying

What Is Your Body Telling You When You Get the Chills?

Whether your chills result from fever or some underlying health condition, it is best to seek medical help and consult a primary care doctor to know if it is something serious or a general reaction to

What Is Stage 5 CKD?

If you have been diagnosed with stage 5 CKD, you must seek immediate medical attention as this condition can turn life-threatening and result in further complications. Kidney failure should not be ign

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Century Medical and Dental Center is an accredited healthcare facility in NY that operates in accordance with Article 28, a public health law. This law regulates and recognizes accreditation for public healthcare facilities, ensuring they are licensed and operated correctly. By undergoing the Article 28 process and achieving accreditation, Century Medical and Dental Center demonstrates its commitment to meeting the highest standards of care.

As a multidisciplinary medical center, we have highly qualified doctors, nurses, and support staff who are working hard to provide the best medical care to patients in Midtown Manhattan, NY, Downtown Brooklyn, NY, including Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Clinton Hill, Boerum Hill, Red Hook, and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

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