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Cardiology in Brooklyn

What to Look for in a Home Blood Pressure Monitor

If your blood pressure has been creeping up over time or you are starting treatment for hypertension, having a blood pressure monitor at home is the wisest choice to keep track of your numbers. Choosing from hundreds of different models can be challenging, and sorting out can be a real challenge. Schedule an appointment with […]

The 4 Stages of Hypertension

An increase in sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet choices is rising hypertension. High blood pressure is not good for health, and it can result in various complications that may turn life-threatening if they are not cared for timely. Schedule an appointment with an experienced and board-certified doctor at the Century Medical and Dental Center to […]

6 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today

If you want to stay healthy and eat right, including bananas in your diet may be the wisest choice as this super fruit contains several essential nutrients that keep your body fit and the mind active. All that goodness in bananas makes being healthy a little bit easier and a whole lot fun. The expert […]

What To Eat To Help Raise Low Blood Pressure?

Persistent or long-term hypotension is not a sign of good health. Keep an eye on your low blood pressure and seek medical attention if your symptoms are becoming a cause of concern and make you feel weak and lightheaded. The doctor will help you understand hypotension, explain what causes it and when it is can […]

Angiogram (Cardiac Catheterization)

If you are at high risk of heart disease or your symptoms indicate a heart issue, your doctor may recommend an angiogram or cardiac catheterization, an imaging procedure to detect heart diseases. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, the heart doctor will check how well your blood vessels are supplying blood to the heart and if […]

High Blood Pressure: Understanding Blood Pressure (BP) Readings

Do not take your persistently increasing or dropping blood pressure lightly as it adds to the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other problems by pushing your heart and arteries to work harder. It could also be a sign of some underlying medical condition that needs timely treatment. Have your blood pressure taken by a […]

10 Drinks That Lower Your Blood Pressure

The normal blood pressure number is less than 120/80 mmHg. If your blood pressure persistently remains higher, it can increase the risk of various problems such as heart attack, stroke, and abnormal heart rhythms that can also result in life-threatening consequences. Do not let elevated blood pressure levels put your heart and life at risk. […]

Reasons Your Heart Just Skipped a Beat and When to Worry

The regular beating of your heart is a sign of life and health. If you are experiencing any abnormalities with your heartbeat or your heart is skipping a beat, do not let these unpleasant sensations increase or affect your life and work. Visit Century Medical & Dental Center for an accurate diagnosis of your condition […]

Back Pain: Could it be Your Heart?

Sudden onset of unexplained back pain that lingers or is accompanied by other symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, and pain in the jaw or shoulders must be evaluated by an expert doctor. Schedule an appointment with Century Medical & Dental Center to know more about your heart health and cardiovascular system and how […]